Why use Linux ?



Use of Linux

In fact, there are some facts related to the computer world that we do not know and do not talk about computer savvy, so few people will know that the windows operating system on our computer is Microsoft’s and It is paid, that means we have to buy to use it, in fact, after buying Microsoft’s operating system, we are allowed to use only software as per terms & conditions and the person If we make any changes in its source code according to its requirement, then it comes under the category of crime.

On the other hand, Linux is open source software and this operating system is available with its source code i.e. if you know the computer then you can make any changes to it as per your requirement and after making changes, Next to the person can be made available for further distribution. Any kind of Linux package is called Distro and you can download any Distro from the internet with ease for free.

While it has been assumed that Linux is harder than the other operating systems, it is not so easy that you can use Linux very easily. Linux is built under FOSS.

The purpose of which is that all the technologies are available free of charge and and also see the expansion of this thinking faster. While there is another special thing that separates Linux from any other computer operating system software It is not being infected with its ‘virus’, while the windows user can hardly use the computer without any antivirus as the computer is infected with viruses very quickly, so any organization or user Micro who spends on him thousands of rupees only antivirus software is used by operating system of Windows.

The most important thing about Linux

If you want to see Linux only once, before replacing your old OS, it can also work without installing it via live cd or DVD / live USB i.e. if you want to work on a public PC It can boot with Linux through its USB stick and all the data created after your session will be deleted after you logout.

Linux is available in many variants, some of which are popular – Ubuntu, mint, fedora etc.

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