What is First Aid Box and How to Use it?

first aid box

first aid box

The first aid box is basically a box which is used for the first treatment, in which there is a link to the health treatment done before getting the help of the doctor so that the patient can get the necessary help and time before getting the doctor.

It should be done that first aid box, whether we work or should be in the house also, which should be known to every employee working in the family and in the office so that it is not bad time to find him during any medical emergency. And the patient or the injured can get treatment at the right time.

Also, whatever items in the first aid box should be updated, because generally we use it only when there is an emergency but should keep updating it from time to time and keep in mind that any of the medicines and items are there.

First aid box items

  • One of the most important things in the first aid box items is that it has to have all sorts of bandages and injuries to be used to make cheeks, seasers and tweezers.
  • Alcohol such as antiseptic or hydrogen paraoxide should be.
  • Also some common painkiller should also be done so that the patient can get some relief in pain before the doctor arrives. But in the case of these, keep in mind that their date should be correct because we do not update the first aid box often, so the tablets and medicines kept in it often expire and we are able to know when we need them.
  • There should be necessary things like globose, thermometer, torch, needle, petroleum jelly, and some guidelines should be made in order to guide it so that the person using it will know how to use the first aid box and also somebody Information related to how it should be treated at the time of medical emergency should be in those notes.

How to use first aid box

Do not lose your senses in any medical emergency and try to understand the condition, and when it is very important, keep in mind the idea of using the first aid box and some specific things and use the first aid box as per the information given below.

  • If any kind of emergency situation has happened then shout out for help and try to attract the attention of the people and if you are safe then give your attention to the injured and if possible call the hospital and the police for help.
  • You must know the phone number you are working during the emergency and all the numbers should be saved in your phone also, and in the first aid box, there should be numbers like -police, hospital and fire department.
  • If a person is injured then do not leave him alone because you have to be with him emotionally, and if you have a deadly injury for him, then the chances of survival will increase. Let them convey that he is fine and he is not going to do anything.
  • If the injury is normal then you can give them first aid.
  • If there is bone or any such injury, apply ice in the injury area without moving.
  • If blood is bleeding then try to stop bleeding and apply bandages with caution.
  • The most important thing that needs attention in the case of a fire is that you do not try to remove the burning part of the skin and wash the skin while using only clean water, and Do not use any cream.
  • Do not give the injured person some fluid immediately and do not even eat anything because in anxiety, it will start to vomit, which can increase the point.
  • Put some distance between the legs and let him sleep and try to sleep comfortably and breathe properly.
  • Keep an eye on the surrounding environment and if people are attracted to the spot, then request them to clear the place and keep the injured at such a place as if the air is coming properly.
  • After giving primary treatment, wash your hands well with soap and take care of your safety along with the injured.

So this is the way to use the first aid box and things to keep in mind while using the first aid box, so that you can cover any medical emergency until it comes to help. To get updates from our website, you can follow us on google plus and also get our free email subscription.

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