Top 7 General Ways To Increase Your Weight


Weight loss is not always a factor about which people always worry because being low weight is also a matter of concern and for this you can weight gain while following some necessary tips, so let’s know some specific information About whom you can increase your weight –

Know Weight gain tips

increase weight

Dry fruits

The first of its planed diet to gain weight gain is the number of dry fruits because they contain lots of calories along with many energies, along with some essential nutrients that give your body a bigger share of the energy needed. 100 grams of almonds, which satisfy the energy needs of more than 20 percent of your daily needs.


We call it paneer in the local language and since it is the product of milk, it has all the properties that are in milk and this protein is the best source of calcium.


Milk is an integral part of our life but the problem is that the milk we take in the city or when we take the milk does not have the full nutrition because many nutrients are separated from them, whereas in villages Or if someone takes animal farming outside of the city, if you take direct milk then it is more beneficial and in such milk you get good dose of vitamin D and calories along with calcium.

potato can do amazing

For weight gain the complexity of the potato inside the potato is filled with carbohydrate, along with some other essential nutrients such as starch. fiber, and vitamin C, and an average size potato contains about 150 calories.


The butter made in the house just like milk contains more nutrients and also contains fat for the body and you can in any way add it to your meal as you can eat it on a bread And can also be included in any other way in your breakfast.

sweet fruit

For weight gain, which has more sweetness in fruits, it is obvious that the amount of amniotic sugar is high and in this way energy also gets more than fruits, so you can also add weight gain to plan diet.

Eggs are also amazing

For weight gain, egg is the main source of cholesterol and it is also healthy cholesterol and about 5 grams of fat in one egg and 70 calories is energy and omega 3 fatty acids are also found in it. And it can also be included in a perfect diet for weight gain.

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