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Narendra Modi Biography & Success Story

The name of the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi ji has been capped on the hearts of the children of the country from the child to the old man’s mind. Not only this, all the people have been aware of Narendra Modi ji. After becoming Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has achieved the heart of the people of India with his best work in a short span of time.

From a common man to being a Prime Minister, the journey was full of difficulties for Narendra Modi but he continued to go ahead and fight for all the problems that he had lost without being defeated. Made the most successful person who today millions consider themselves to be ideal, walk on every step taken by them.

It is not easy to become a famous person from a simple person, do not know how many sacrifices have to be given to him and who forgets his dreams for his country, he becomes completely illuminated in the whole world.

By doing so, Narendra Modi has illuminated his name throughout the world today. So, in this article, in today’s article, we will know about the biography and life story of Narendra Modi and by motivating them, we will also achieve success by working hard in our lives.

Narendra Modi Biography

narenrda modi

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi was born on September 17, 1950 in the small village of Vadnagar in Gujarat. His father Damodar Das Mulchand and Mother Hira Ben had 6 children, out of them the third child is Narendra. His family was very poor, his father used to trade on the road, he had a tea shop, and to help his father, Narendra used to give his hand only at a young age and his mother was also in the family’s financial condition. To help, others used to work in homes.

In the small house, with his entire family, Narendra Modi used to spend life in poverty, at the very young age, his struggling life had begun. Along with his father working in the tea stall, he also paid full attention to his studies and used to spend time with the books in the library, he was very much fond of reading and in 1967 he started his higher secondary education from Vadnagar Only got it.

His school’s teachers and classmates say that Narendra Modi was an ordinary student and he was also a great debater and excellent speaker. He used to participate in his school’s plays and speeches, and for this, he used to receive awards. In his school days, Narendra used to go to a train filled with jawans during the war of India and Pakistan at Mehsana railway station and gave him tea and food, and even when people were battling with the fierce floods in Gujarat in 1967 Narendra Modi had helped a lot of people there.

Narendra Ji was a devotee of Swami Vivekanand ji. He got inspiration from Swami ji’s work and due to him, he got born in the spirit of patriotism, and since his childhood till now, Modi has been following this path that he has to do something for the country and for his people. Let’s make our country bright in the whole world.

At the age of 13, Modi ji was married to a girl named Jashodaben who lives in his village. Modi did not like this thing and then after a few years he left home due to domestic problems and spent his time traveling in the northeast and went to different places of India. Two years later he returned to his home, in these two years he had decided that he would now spend his whole life in the service of the country.

In 1971, Modi went to Ahmedabad and joined the R.S.S (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) as “pracharak” and his members were banned. Since then, Modi has dedicated his whole life to politics. R.S.S. Used to work with them and helped them understand the problems of the slow people. In addition to working, Modi completed his education and got a degree in political science from Delhi University.

In 1972-1975, when politics began to unfold in the country, then the country’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared an emergency and R.S.S. Just like the political institutions were ordered to be removed from the country. Nevertheless, Modi changed the way of service to the country and opposed the wrong ideas and policies of the government. At the same time, he also wrote a book called “Sangharsh ma Gujarat” (Gujarat in Emergency) in which he described Gujarat’s politics.

R.S.S. By becoming a member of Modi, he did his job honestly and served the country after which he was inducted in the B.J.P. (Bharatiya Janata Party). With his contribution, BJP got great support in the Gujarat elections and due to his wonderful work, he continued to grow taller in BJP.

In 2001, the health of Gujarat Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel was worsening, due to which the BJP had to pay a heavy price for the upcoming elections and after that when there was a terrible earthquake in Gujarat, there was a lot of havoc in Gujarat and wastage of everything Gave. Then senior BJP leaders chose Narendra Modi for the post of Chief Minister to serve the people of Gujarat and made him the Chief Minister. Modi ji took the work of earthquake with reasonably and efficiently and in just two years, made Gujarat the best state of India.

All the amenities were provided in the villages and villages of Gujarat which are seen in other states only. And the biggest thing was that due to Modi ji, unemployment decreased in Gujarat. The people there were very happy with the activities of Mr. Modi and due to this, the people of Gujarat were elected as the Chief Minister for four consecutive terms.

In the Lok Sabha elections of June 2013 Narendra Modi ji was declared the Prime Minister candidate from BJP and more. Modi ji ran every rally in every village and kept his mind in front of the general public. A crowd of innumerable people would have gathered to listen to their inspirational speech. Seeing their country’s devotion and the ability to make seemingly impossible tasks, the people of India selected Narendra Modi as their 15th Prime Minister.

From the day the country is declared the Prime Minister, Modi has spent all his time on the progress of the country. Many foreign tours, together with the President and Prime Ministers, talked about the progress of the country and strengthened the relationship of foreign countries with India. Established new and a lot of schemes such as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Make In India, Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana etc., which saw a lot of change in the people across the country and due to these plans there is a lot of development in India today.

In order to fight against corruption recently, Modi took very strict action and stopped notes of old 500 and 1000 for the first time in India’s history. This caused problems to the general public, but along with the hidden black money in the country came forward.

Narendra Modi has not taken a single hiatus till now and he works 18 hours a day without being tired and stopping. Along with his work, Modi also takes full care of his health and performs yoga every day.

This was the biography and success story of Narendra Modi Ji, which gives inspiration to all of us that we should work hard and honestly with our work and should be selfless and need the needy people and serve our country. I hope that you will also get a Sikh from this article and tell us how you should comment on this article, listening to your talk will make us very happy.

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