What is Microsoft Windows and its History

Microsoft Windows

Do you have any information about what Microsoft Windows is? Many of you have already used Windows OS, or have used a Windows Mobile. But many of you may not have full information about it. So today I thought why you should give all the information about what Windows is.

It may also be that most of you have heard about Microsoft’s Windows operating system first. But very few of you people will know what an operating system (OS) is and how it works. From today’s post you will also know what is the operating system. What is the Windows operating system? Before we came to the Windows OS. Before that we have to understand the operating system. So let’s know today what is the Windows Operating System.

What is Microsoft Windows?

Microsoft windows

If I talk about Microsoft Windows, then this is a Graphical interface Operating system developed by a famous IT company, called Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Windows is a very friendly, popular and the most used operating system. These are very popular among the people due to their excellent Graphical Display and other features. Prior to the release of the Microsoft Windows Graphical OS, users used to work on the MS-DOS OS command line.

Microsoft always wanted to keep its product name in a word that would accurately define the GUI interface of Microsoft, so that Microsoft chose the word “Windows” because the GUI (Graphics User Interface) multiple Windows is used to run different work and program. For this reason, Microsoft has given a new name to its product by adding the word of Windows to its company name, which was “Microsoft Windows.” In this way Microsoft Windows was born.

What is the operating system?

The operating system is a computer system that works as a medium between the user and the computer. Computer is a machine so it can not understand our given command. So the job of the operating system is to explain the instructions given by us to the computer. With the help of the operating system, the computer is able to understand the instructions given to us. Simply put, the computer without an operating system will not exist.

The second definition of the operating system can also be that by itself the hardware is organized. The operating system keeps the data of every program in the computer. With the help of which the operating system decides which resource the program will use for so long.

Types of Operating Systems

There are many types of operating systems and can be divided in different ways, but the main types of these are only two.

  1. Single User OS: Only one person can use the computer at a time in single user OS.
  2. Multiple user OS: Multiple users can work with one or more people at a time on multi-user OS. Multiple user operating systems are used in large companies etc. where people have to work in concurrently.

As you have understood the operating system now, we now come on the Windows operating system. What is the Windows operating system? And why this is so much better than other operating systems.

What is Windows?

Windows or Microsoft Windows, this is Microsoft’s Product. The Windows operating system was introduced in 1985. Since its inception, it has touched all the dimensions of heights. There has been a lot of change in the Windows OS since the beginning. Since the beginning, so many versions of it have come. The company has tried to add good features to the new version every time. And wanted to give something to their customers.

Microsoft is a very popular operating system used by Windows Computer users, you will usually find it in your college, school or home computer.

Microsoft Windows Graphical Interface Operating System means it uses Graphics or Icons to display information. This makes it very easy to run. A person of every class, age can easily understand and run it.

Prior to the arrival of Windows, MS-DOS had to remember some instructions to do every task, but since the arrival of Windows all this changed. After its arrival, you just have to navigate the mouse and click on it using the cursor mouse to use icons such as menus, tabs, dialog boxes or any other option on the screen. With this you can do any task easily.

Since the first version came in 1985, a total of 26 versions of Windows have come so far. The last version of the Windows operating system, which was Windows 10, came on July 29, 2015.

The most popular versions of Microsoft Windows include Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Every version of Microsoft’s Windows product was extremely successful, but these versions became more popular and managed to create space among people’s homes as well.

History of Windows OS

Windows 1.0 was launched in 1985. But it was not entirely an operating system, but it was a format of MS-DOS. The overlapping of Windows was not in the first version of Windows. This version of Microsoft’s Windows could not be more successful.

Then came Windows 2.0 in 1987. It was much better than the old version and was even more popular than that. Added some new features to this

Even after this, many versions of Microsoft were coming in spite of being good with earlier versions and even more popular with them, but the real popularity of Microsoft Windows increased from 1995. In 1995, Microsoft’s Windows 95 came in. It was facilitated with multi tasking as well as keeping file name up to 255 characters. With this same version, Microsoft added the start menu and task bar to its OS. Windows 95 became Microsoft’s most successful OS at that time.

After that came on June 25, 1998, Windows 98. Windows 98 people liked it. The second addition also came in 1999. It also included Windows Media Player 6.2 and Internet Explorer 5.0.

In 2000, the last Windows version of Windows running Windows ME came with. Since then, Windows has made the DOS version side-by-side.

After this, in 2001, probably the most famous version of Windows was launched. Microsoft launched Windows XP in 2001 Added a new user interface to it. Which made it attractive. It was divided into 2 versions and sold in the market. The “Home” edition of Windows XP was prepared for home use. While the “professional” edition was created keeping in mind the working people who needed more security.

After a long wait, Microsoft released Windows Vista in 2006. In this, the company gave much attention to securing the system and security was the priority of this edition. Windows Vista was seen to have seen much criticism because of its long booting time and poor performance.

In 2009, Windows was probably the most elegant OS that was named Windows 7. Windows 7 was found in most of the time in most of its computers. Multi touch support was also added in Windows 7.

Microsoft released Windows 8 in 2012. It added a touch screen as well as a touch screen tablet, etc.

After this version came Windows 10 in 2015. In this version the start button is returned. And at the same time Microsoft said goodbye to the OS. Windows has paid a lot of pride in our lives. It has made many things easier for humans as well as simplifying our life. Microsoft’s big hand can be said to increase the public’s attention towards computers.

Advantages of Microsoft Windows

  1. Easy to use: Microsoft Windows has made a lot of changes in its system. It is easy to use operating system. Although it is not so easy to use, it is much easier than the other OS. And people of any age group or age can use it easily.
  2. Software: In Windows you get to use more software. Due to its popularity, the people who use it are more. And because of them, the more software is the same. You can find lots of software in it.
  3. Compatibility: Windows also supports the programs used on its earlier versions on its newer versions. Which makes it compatible.

Disadvantages of Windows

  1. Price: The price of Microsoft Windows is much higher compared to other OS such as Linux etc.
  2. Security: Security in Windows has been the subject of discussion since the beginning. Microsoft’s security has been quite weak against the other OS. It has been believed that Windows products are never made for security. The percentage of hacks in Windows is much higher compared to Linux. Security has always been a subject of trouble for Windows OS.
  3. Reliability: Windows has to reboot from time to time if it is not done, then the system will stop hanging down.

Here we talked about some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Windows OS.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone or WP is a series of mobile operating systems that were made by Microsoft for mobile phones. The interface of Windows Phone was taken from the metro design language. This was first launched in 2010 by Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 8.1 has been released recently and is the last OS.

Windows Phone 2015 was replaced by Windows 10 Mobile. There was a new environment for the application.

On October 8, 2017, Microsoft decided that the work of Windows 10 would be discontinued. Because there was a lot of work to do in the market and people in Windows Phone, and because of the trend, Microsoft had to make that decision.

My last words

What is your experience with Windows? But we all know that it has played an ego role somewhere in our life and has somewhere contributed to it better.

With this post, we have tried to share all the information related to what Microsoft Windows is. If you have any shortcomings or suggestions, then definitely tell us in the comment section.

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