Identifiers in C Language


What is the meaning of Identifiers in C: When we develop a program, then we have to do different types of processing by inputting different types of data into computer memory.


Whether we want to process any type of data in Computer, we must first store every data in Computer Memory. Without a data store in Computer Memory, we can not process any type of data with that data.

Each location of Memory in Computer has a unique address. When we input a data to a computer in Process, then it gets stored by going to any location in Data Memory.

But we can never know in general the way that the data we have inputted has been stored on the memory location of Computer and neither can we manually decide that our data will be stored on the Memory Location.

Because the task of assigning Memory to Data is done by our Operating System at its convenience.

At the same time, when we compile memory to store our data, we assign a named Memory Location to that Reserve. Through this name we can identify our data in Computer memory. The name given to the memory space of any data by us is called identifier.

The names we assign to a Memory Location have to be defined by keeping some of these names in mind, because the C Compiler performs various types of processes along with the names defined on those special types of rules. To name an Identifier, we have to follow the following rules, which are called Identifiers Naming Convention:

Naming Rules

  • Any top case and lower case character can be used in the name of any identifiers.
  • Underscore can also be used in the name of any identifiers.
  • If we want to use numbers in the name of any identifiers, then it is important to have at least one Character or Underscore before using digits.
  • In the name of the identifiers, any type of special symbol such as Period, Comma, Blank Space etc. can not be used.
  • Can not use any Reserve Word or any Built-In Function name in the Identifier’s name.
  • Any name can not start with any number.
  • “C” is a Case Sensitive Language, hence the names of Capital Letters and Small Letters are considered different in this language. Like int Sum and int sum, two different variables, or identifies, not equal.

For any variable identifiers or Constant Identifier, we can put any of the following names, which follow the “C” Naming Rules completely:

  • number
  • number2
  • amount_of_sale
  • _amount
  • salary
  • daysOfWeek
  • monthsOfYear

But the names being forwarded are incorrect and we can not assign names of these methods to a Variable or Constant Identifiers, because these names do not fully follow the “C” Language’s Naming Rules:

  • number# /* illegal use of Special Symbol # */
  • number2* /* illegal use of Special Symbol * */
  • 1amount_of_sale /* Name could not start with a Digit */
  • &$amount /* illegal use of Special Symbol & and $ */
  • days Of Week /* illegal use of Special Symbol Blank Space */
  • months OfYear10 /* illegal use of Special Symbol Blank Space */

C Programming Language is basically based on five basic elements, out of which Identifiers is only an Element. Apart from this, there are many more Basic Elements / Sub-Elements, such as Keyword / Reserved Words , Constants, Variables, Literals, Operators, which can not be understood properly without understanding the C language, nor any other programming language, Because these Basic Elements are exclusively Exist in C Language and any other Programming Language.

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